The LetsInvoice module makes receiving payments from client that much easier. Simply draft and trail your client documentation from quotation all the way to invoice. Tracking reports allow you to see where the order is in the process, how long it has been there, and who is responsible for it.

Make the link between your orders and your invoices.

Effective invoicing is essential for any business, and having a clear document trail is crucial in ensuring that all parties involved are on the same page. With LetsInvoice, you can take control of your invoicing process and streamline your operations.

By using LetsInvoice, you can easily track your orders and monitor their progress, from quotation to final invoice. The software provides detailed order tracking reports that show you where your order is in the process, how long it has been there, and who is responsible for it. This transparency helps you to manage your workflow more efficiently and ensures that your clients are kept informed about the progress of their orders.

LetsInvoice also makes it easy for you to draft professional-looking invoices, giving you the tools you need to create accurate and timely invoices that reflect the work you have done. This helps to build trust and credibility with your clients and ensures that you are paid promptly for your services.

Generate purchase orders and quotations quickly from sales orders.

Monitor customer credit limits and release safe invoices.

Create job cards that can be linked from or to any other customer document.

Additional features

Display inventory pictures and print picture catalogues.

Create recurring invoices at different intervals.

Track stock for catering or hiring businesses.

Measure flat glass and calculate square meters.

Print customised invoices and capture customer notes.

Enter cost price and markup to calculate selling price.

Let us help you create an efficient system that you can be in full control of!

Frequently asked questions

Is the system multi-user?

Yes, it is. LetsInvoice reads the user information from Sage Pastel as well as the access permissions set up for each user.

What about the layout of the documents? Must they be redesigned?

No. LetsInvoice uses the layouts as saved in the Sage Pastel Forms Designer.

Will I have access to the quotations and sales orders processed via LetsInvoice, in Sage Pastel?

No. This is because the module allows for customisation of additional columns and information not available in Sage Pastel. However, once the Invoice has been updated, it will be accessible for reprinting and will appear on the customer’s statement and ledger.

Can I have LetsInvoice and Sage Pastel open at the same time?

Yes, you can. It will not use an additional license, provided you use the same password in both systems.

Is there a way to force operators to enter certain fields before saving a document?

Yes, you can set this up for each document type. This is a global setting and all users will have to comply.

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