Struggling to update your price list? The LetsUpdate module simplifies the process for you! All you need to do is link each customer to a certain price list or you can give each customer their own price list using Sage Pastel. You can even update your prices in advance, if necessary. You can do this by creating price lists that you can copy over to the current prices when you are ready.

LetsUpdate is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of price management, making it more efficient and accurate.

With LetsUpdate, you can update customer specific prices, or create individual price lists for each customer using Sage Pastel. You can even update prices in advance by creating price lists that can be copied over to current prices when you’re ready. In cases where only a few items need to be changed, selecting the item will automatically update the price for all customers who have a price for that item.

The LetsUpdate module is an essential solution for any business that needs an accurate and modern pricing system. It allows you to manage your pricing data quickly and safely, so you can focus on maximising profits. Unlike traditional pricing administration, the process of changing prices can be completed in minutes with LetsUpdate. You can also simplify the process by selecting only the specific lists you wish to work on, such as Price 1 and Price 2.

With LetsUpdate, you can also change the minimum reorder level simultaneously, making the process even more convenient. By investing in LetsUpdate, you can ensure that your business has a reliable and efficient pricing management system that will save you time and increase your profits.

LetsUpdate manages pricing data for accurate pricing system.

Speedy pricing changes to maximise profits.

Easy-to-use module saves time on pricing administration.

Simplify process by selecting specific price lists.

Change minimum reorder level simultaneously.

Additional features

Update your prices efficiently and conveniently as per customer/inventory category or one customer/inventory Item at a time, or the whole lot together. Also change the expiry date with one click!

Make sure your numbers are adding up by making updates by percentage or Rand value.

Update your prices, such as your inventory prices and special customer prices.

Let us ensure that you get better management and visibility on your pricing requirements!

Frequently asked questions

Which prices are dealt with in this module?

The ten individual inventory prices as well as the special customer prices set up in Sage Pastel via the Customer Price Matrix.

Do I have to complete the whole price list in one sitting?

No, you can save each price list in its own file and resume working on it later.

Are other users able to work and process in Sage Pastel while prices are being changed in LetsUpdate?

Yes, they are able to.

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